Rebekah Allen, Listing Manager, REALTOR®

Meet Rebekah Allen, a caring and insightful REALTOR® who gives every home a personal touch.

Rebekah was a massage therapist for many years before she decided to become a real estate agent a little less than a year ago. The choice to leave that profession and embark on a new one was influenced in her empathy, which was part of what made her so good at her last job. “The people that I meet are making some of the biggest decisions of their lives,” she says “I wanted to help them while they made those tough decisions.” This empathy helps her understand her clients' moods, relate to their situations, and soothe their anxieties about buying or selling a home.

Over the past year, Rebekah's found that one of the best parts of her job is helping her clients deal with their stress. “I love being there for people, putting their minds at ease, holding their hand,” she says, “but my favorite part of the job is congratulating them and giving them the keys to their new home.” It takes a lot of effort, but Rebekah puts in the time to understand and adapt to the personalities of the different clients and agent she meets. Learning how to meet everyone's needs and work with them efficiently is difficult but rewarding.

Rebekah believes a successful real estate agent needs to be honest and straightforward. “You have to be open with people, tell them honestly what to expect,” she says, “but you also have to learn how to adapt what you say, so that each client can understand what's going on and the whole process in the easiest way for them.” Her intuition and empathy help her here as well, aiding her in seeing things from her clients' perspective so she can tailor her approach to each new client.

Coming to work for The Bob & Ronna Group was an easy decision for Rebekah. “I met The Bob & Ronna Group’s Executive Recruiter at a conference for new agents, and I just loved everything I heard,” she says, “I loved the office, loved the passion that Bob and Ronna bring to real estate.” She enjoys working with the other agents of The Bob & Ronna Group because of the sense of community they bring. “People are always willing to help,” she says, “nobody's ego gets in the way, it's truly a group of people who want everybody to do their best.” Rebekah's favorite part of working at The Bob & Ronna Group, however, might be seeing all the dogs that people bring into the office.